Once we have received full payment for the booking, all vouchers and joining instructions will be forwarded no less than 21 days prior to client’s arrival. Please check these carefully.

British visitors to Italy require a full 10 year passport. Visitors whose documents are from outside the EC should contact the Italian Consulate for verification. If driving to Italy, please check with your car insurance company what may be required if passing through Switzerland.

As for any cases of theft, guests are advised to travel with very few credit cards. Credit Cards are widely accepted in cities but in rural villages cash is the norm.

A number of properties include central heating and air conditioning in the rental price but many do not. Firewood is usually extra too. Because fuel is pumped into Italy through an expensive grid system from neighbouring countries, heating is expensive and depending on the size of the property.
The cost of heating and or air conditioning, if based upon usage, must be paid directly on the spot to the owner, key holder or his/her representative before departing.

Wi-Fi BroadBand 
If Internet is available, it will be specified in each property description. Type of Internet Connection :

  • Broadband Wi-Fi
    The Internet service is provided by Telecom Italia, High speed and unlimited Broadband.
  • Mobile BroadBand Wi-Fi
    The Internet service is provided by a Mobile server Company router and it has limited Broadband ( usually 7GB monthly ), adequate to browse websites, ( shopping online, online banking, social networks ) and check e-mails. Downloading movies, games, songs, or watching video in streaming is not permitted for high bandwidth consuming, and in this case when the GBs available are finished you will not be able to navigate.

If Internet is essential for your stay, we highly encourage you to contact us, to be sure that Wi-Fi is up to your expectations and avoid disappointment

Guests will often be asked to be sparing with water. There may be interruptions from time to time due to long dry periods. Most houses have drinking water but we always recommend visitors to a foreign country to drink bottled water. Occasionally, hot water installations, swimming pools, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines may need to be repaired. It may take time to engage maintenance people to obtain replacement parts, especially during high Season. Please remember, however, efficiency is not always as visitors might expect. Our representatives will always do what they can to rectify a problem as soon as possible.

(delivered to the Villa prior to your arrival)
We recommend the welcome hamper service for guests arriving late evening or Sundays, when most of the grocery shops are closed. Our English speaking local agent in Italy provides a personal shopping service for food items which they deliver to the accommodation prior to your arrival. This is not a set welcome pack but is tailored to your individual requirements. If you are interested in this option, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give us your list of items including quantities. It is important to do this at least a week before your departure. You will need to pay in cash on arrival at the property. You will be charged the local price for the goods (a receipt will be given) plus a delivery charge .

Bed linen and towels are provided and changed weekly. Unless otherwise mentioned on the property details, please ensure to bring your own swimming pool / beach towels.

The properties within this website are all individually and privately owned so the standard of decoration and furnishings vary both in taste and quality. Regional standards vary too and may not always offer the comforts one would enjoy at home. Some Villas have furnishings of a very high standard but may lack carpets and armchairs which may not be looked upon as essential in the locality. (similarly, kettles, toasters, and teapots are looked upon as English peculiarities and not easy to purchase!). Sometimes too wardrobe space is not necessarily in the relevant bedroom. Wear and tear is unavoidable in letting and Owners may change furniture that has been damaged.