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Atrani is located in a truly romantic setting along the Amalfi Coast. The town's position on the mountain slopes forms a natural amphitheatre overlooking the sea, with its principal piazza, Umberto I, forming its epicentre.
The houses are all painted in pale colors, in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, and can be reached by flights of steps and narrow alleyways. There is an impressive number of churches in the heart of Old Atrani: the Franciscan Monastery of Santa Rosalia, the Church of S. Maria del Bando, the Church of San Salvatore de Birceto, the Chapel of S. Gertrude, the Church of S. Maria Immacolata, the Church of the Carmine, where there is a nativity scene dating from the 17th century and the Church of S. Michele. Atrani continues to follow its ancient agricultural traditions, with small vegetable gardens and orchards where the typical produce of the Amalfi coast is grown: aubergines, tomatoes, walnuts, olives, citrus and other fruits.


"Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena",> July 22nd in honour of Mary Magdalene, Patron Saint of the village, with boats in procession and fireworks over the water.
"Festila of Pesce Azzurro" (Mackerel, Sardine and Anchovy Festival) last week in August. Party in piazza (square), tastings of dishes using local fish and wine and fireworks.

Useful Information:
A picturesque fishing village, isolated from the traffic, Atrani is the smallest municipality in Southern Italy. The typical white houses, with balconies full of flowers, form a cascade along the ledges of the surrounding hills (Mount Civita towards East and the Mount Aureo towards West), interspersed with lemon groves, in the valley of the river Dragone, as far as the beach.
Walking down into Atrani is the best way to appreciate the quaintness of this wonderful village on the Amalfi coast. Follow any of the maze of whitewashed steps just past the Chiesa del Carmine and you will soon be in the main square of Atrani
The center of Atrani is cuddled in among its ancient houses, which boast beautiful balconies full of flowers. Piazza Umberto I faces a peaceful patch of sandy beach and sea, reachable by a lovely path. piazza's hip atmosphere and architectural details make it one of the most attractive open-air venues in this part of Italy... sometimes even preferred to the more famous piazza in Capri! :-)

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