Excursion Italy

Arguably the world's most celebrated tourist destination, Italy really does have it all. It boasts one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Europe, the world's greatest hoard of art treasures (on display in fittingly spectacular cities and buildings), a climate that is on the whole benign and mild and most important of all for many, a delicious and authentic national cuisine, made all the more alluring by the depth and breadth of its regional variation. After visiting, it's possible that you may not ever want to travel anywhere else.


Tours in Campania :

The Bay of Naples, certainly, is dense enough in interest to occupy you for a good week: there are the ancient sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum just half an hour away – arguably Italy's best-preserved and most revealing Roman remains; there is the odd, volcanic Campi Flegrei area to the northwest of the city; and of course there are the islands, Capri, Ischia and Procida. Capri swarms with visitors but is so beautiful that a day here is by no means time squandered, while Ischia, which is the largest island and absorbs tourists more readily, is a lively and attractive place in which you could while away an entire holiday.
The area south of Naples has more immediate appeal. Sorrento, at the far southeast end of the bay, is a major package-holiday destination, but a cheery and likeable place for all that; and the Amalfi coast, across the peninsula, is perhaps Europe's most dramatic stretch of coastline, harbouring some fantastically enticing – if occasionally exclusive – beach resorts.
Further south, the lively port of Salerno gives access to the Hellenistic site of Paestum and the uncrowned coastline of the Cilento just beyond.

Excursions and sightseeing from the Sorrento Coast :

Capri and Anacapri

Excursion to CapriAny Vacation in Sorrento would not be the same without visiting the Isle of Capri, easily reachable by ferry. A mandatory stop will be the famous villa in Anacapri of Axel Munthe the Swedish Doctor, who wrote the best seller “Story of Saint Michael”, based on his visit of Capri. After visiting the gorgeous villa in Anacapri, we will come back to the centre of the Capri, in the main square “Piazza Umbero I”, well known as “Piazzetta”, hot spot of Capri of the rich and the famous, where we can admire the characteristic of the white Church, many other Caffès, and the theatre of the Glamour life on the Island. From “Piazzetta” there will be a walk throughout the typical narrow streets of Capri, dated at Middle Age, where it will be possible to spend time to do some shopping, either in the typical product shops or in the Haute Couture Boutiques. A mandatory visit to the colourful Augustus Gardens, yet amazing terrace on Faraglioni, and Marina Piccola should be made. Free time to spend swimming in the clear and blue sea or visiting the most famous Blue Grotto.


Pompeii and Herculaneum Ruins

Pompeii and Erculaneum excursionsThis excursion takes us to discover the most famous archaeological excavation: Pompeii and Herculaneum. During the Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.C., Pompeii was buried by ash and lapilli, Herculaneum was covered by a torrent of mud and ash . Thanks to the excavations stared in XVIII century and, still in progress, Pompeii offers the ancient scenary of the old streets, the thermae and, rich Roman’s Villa. Today is still possible to admire the frescos in the typical red “Pompeian”, adorning the walls and the floors of the villas. Because the torrent of mud that flooded it, Herculaneum kept intact many objects and many parts of the houses in wood, which are well admirable today. Anyway most part of the old city is still buried and, many treasures yet to be discovered. In the afternoon we came back to Sorrento.


Pompeii excavations and Mt. Vesuvius

Pompeii and Vesuvius excursionsPompeii holds an intense fascination for visitors today. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, buried the town of Pompeii, which was forgotten for many years. Today, the city has become one of the most famous and beautiful in the world. The excavations, began in the eighteenth, and are still in progress, have brought to light what was the city of Pompeii before and during the tragic eruption. We'll be guided through the ancient streets of Pompeii where we can see Baths, holes, villas, where he held the lives of wealthy Romans in 79 AD before the eruption, then leave at the time of what was cause of much pain and death: Mount Vesuvius. Vesuvius, which dominates the Bay of Naples, is the only volcano still active on the European mainland. The slopes of the volcano are covered with vegetation once covered with vineyards and woods, and in 1995 all are of the Vesuvius was declared a national park to preserve and conserve the natural resources of the area. We will reach to 1000 meters. bus, after which walk among the dense vegetation to the crater, from which we can admire the entire Bay of Naples and a wisp of smoke rising from the blackened crater, to remind us that the volcano is not extinguished but only asleep.


Pompeii excavations

Pompeii excavationThis excursion will take us to the discover the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, by those who were the ancient splendor of the Roman Empire. The excavations of Pompeii, differ from other archaeological sites because here you can see everything that until now has been recovered from the ashes that buried the Roman city during the eruption in 79 A.C. and, not what is left. Among the ruins of Pompeii, we can admire the ruins of the sumptuous villas with them still clearly visible frescos walls, baths, theater, amphitheater and other forms of architecture as a demonstration of what was once the richest and most prosperous Emire of Europe. Return to Sorrento enjoying the magnificent landscape of the state road SS 145.


Herculaneum Ruins

Erculaneum excursionsThrough the statal panoramic Road SS. 145 along Castellammare di Stabia, go to the discovery of Herculaneum excavations, destroyed with Pompeii during the eruption in 79 A.C.. The city was surrounded by the villas of Roman patricians and when the eruption in 79 A.C. surprised the romans, the city was submerged by a torrent of mud and lava. The mass of debris that covered Herculaneum was subsequently solidified into tuff. This solidification process has kept intact objects and wooden parts, which are still visible and well preserved. However much of the ancient city is still buried under the modern Herculaneum, and are still ongoing excavation work to discover what still lies beneath the modern city.


Amalfi Drive

Amalfi Drive excursionsThis excursion will takes you to discover all the beauty of the Amalfi Coast which have always inspired actors, musicians, directors, poets and writers. We left from Sorrento by GT bus and we stopped at “Madonnina” in Positano, a little panoramic terrace with a gorgeous view on Positano an all over Amalfi Coast. After the stop in Positano we will continue crossing the State Road SS 163, throughout Praiano and then Amalfi, which was the first Sea Republic. From Piazza Duomo in Amalfi we will visit the Cathedral dedicated to Saint’Andrew and dated at VI century A.C. The Cathedral of Amalfi is also famous both for its majestic staircase, where is celebrate the Procession in Honor of Saint Andrew on November 30th and, for the Cloister named “del Paradiso”, where we can admire glimpses of Moorish art due to the Saracen invasions of the XIII century A.C., when the Cloister was built. We left Amalfi and go to discover Ravello, which is a nice village at 350 mt. above the sea level. In Ravello we can visit Villa Rufolo, a villa overlooks the sea and Amalfi Coast, where many composer were inspired for their operas. Here, the famous composes Richard Wagner was inspired for his famous opera: The Parsifal.


Ischia and Thermal SPA Centre

Ischia and Thermal excursionCustomers will be transferred to the port by minibus where they will meet their guide at Bar Kambusa. The guide arranges ferry tickets and gives customers information. The boat departs at 9.30am and the journey takes approximately 1 hour.On arrival customers will have a guided tour of ¾ of the island, by bus. The guests will be divided, those going to the thermal spas and those going to the Mortella gardens. Tropial Thermal ParkLocated in Sant Angelo with fantastic views over one of Ischia’s most quaint fishing villages, the tropical thermal park has 9 different temperature pools, roman grottoes, spa, saltwater pool, indoor thermal pool and a beauty farm where customers can pamper themselves or just relax. The thermal mineral waters have had healing properties over the centuries and were started by the Greeks on the island. They heal all kind of ailments, rheumatism, arthritis, skin conditions e.g. eczema, cellulite and are also said to heal fertility problems. The beauty farm also offers a great range of treatments, from facials to full body massages.The entrance fee to the park includes:- sun beds located around the park, umbrellas, showers, change rooms. Clients for an extra fee can rent towels, bath robes, costumes, mattresses for sun beds, lockers and safes.It is compulsory to wear flip flops around park and to wear swimming caps in the pools.If required guests can purchase flip flops and swimming caps.There is also a self-service restaurant in the park.Guest usually get 3-4 hrs in parkCustomers who wish to only visit the park and not bathe can pay a 3 euro entrance fee.


Sorrento Food and Wine

Sorrento Food excursionIn the morning you are picked up at your hotel and driven into the countryside, going through the small towns of Massa Lubrense, Marciano, Termini, Monticchio and Sant’Agata. Our first brief stop at the extreme point of the peninsula to enjoy the splendid views of the Amalfi Coast and The Isle of Capri. Continuing our gastronomic adventure we visit “La Villanella”, a wonderful estate that dominates the entire area of “Capo Massa”, a picturesque rocky outcrop leading down to the sea. First you are taken to the “Villa Angelina”, the beautiful property bought in 1936 by Achille Lauro, ship owner and founder of one of the most important Italian fleets of all time, who was enchanted by the wonderful sea and landscapes. The visit continues to the lemon orchard, the olive grove and the vineyard. “Falanghina” and “ Aglianico” are the wines produced at the vineyard.Finally you are escorted to the Cellar, where huge, original wine barrels are found and visit its bottling rooms. You enjoy lunch and have the opportunity to taste the specialties produced by the estate.You are seated at large wooden tables with rustic benches and served toasted slices of homemade bread dipped in several different flavoured olive oils, fresh garden produce, sliced salami,cheeses and pasta with sauces made from the estate’s herbs and produce. The lunch concludes with a variety of homemade desserts which will be the perfect accompaniment to the liqueurs, also produced by the estate.For those who wish to take back home samples of the unique flavours and aromas of the Sorrento Peninsula there is time to purchase them from the Estate’s shop which displays the wholerange of La Villanella’s produce, wines, oils and various distillations including ‘Limoncello’ and ‘Nocino’ (made from walnuts). After lunch, you can either be returned to your hotel by minibus or stay on to enjoy the beach nearby. Highlights:· Drive through the Sorrento countryside with fantastic views of Capri and the Amalfi Coast· Visit of the estate of “Villanella” with its renowned Villa Angelina, farmhouse and cellars· Enjoy lunch in the farmhouse’s cellar and taste wines, oils and liqueurs' Possibility to enjoy the beach. There will be a supplement for the return transfer.Program of the day:09.30: Collection from your hotel and departure of the tour driving through the small towns of Massa Lubrense, Marciano, Termini, Monticchio and Sant’Agata. During the tour you will see the Islands of Capri and Ischia, Mounts San Costanzo and Vesuvius and the two Gulfs of Naples and Salerno. We will make stops at strategic points that afford the best photo opportunities. 11.15: Arrival at “La Villanella” Estate and guided tour of the Villa Angelina, the estate, the vineyard, olive grove and orchard.12.45: Visit of the cellar and its bottling rooms and lunch with a tasting of wines, oils and liqueurs. 14:45: Departure from the Estate17.30: Departure from the beach Tasting and lunch bruschetta appetizer, cheese with jam, salami, fresh bread with several oils spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli/ or fresh tomato fresh fruit tarts tasting of Red and White wine liquors water


Sorrento Musical

Sorrento Musical ExcursionAt Teatro Tasso in Sorrento, will staged a music show which reconstructs the cultural roots of the Sorrento Peninsula through songs and dances in a setting that changes several times during the show. The representation has a total duration of 75 minutes. Before the start of the show will be offered a welcome drink for guests who then take part in the theater music show. Guests will then be accompanied to the room where the orchestra will brighten pre-show starting at 9:30 P.M.. The show consists of the tarantella, typical Sorrento ballet, and other types of songs and dances from Sorrento. At the end of the representation, guests can continue to dance between the sets of the musical.


Cassino Abbey full day

Cassino excursionA new excursion combining a visit to this stunning abbey, the nearby war cemetery and the World War II museum. Monte Cassino Abbey has unjustifiably escaped the attention of many British visitors to the Sorrento area and is well worth a visit. Situated at the top of a hill it commands spectacular views over the city of Cassino. The Abbey was founded in 529BC and was looked upon as a place of holiness, culture and art for which it became renowned on a world-wide level. Steeped in history it has been destroyed and rebuilt 4 times in its 1400 years. The most recent and infamous destruction was during the 1944 battle of Monte Cassino in World War Two. Because of it's strategic position it was occupied by the German forces and used as a vantage point to attack the allied forces advancing from the South of Italy. The basilica, which is richly decorated in stucco and mosaics contains the relics of St. Benedict and his sister, St. Scholastica, who survived the bombings. Upon leaving the Abbey we head down to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery. Many of the soldiers who fell during the battle are buried here. This cemetery is beautifully maintained and overlooked by the Abbey. After free time for lunch there is a visit to the World War II museum. The museum offers many different exhibitions commemorating those, of all nationalities, who lost their life in the battle. Departing the museum at 03.30 pm the trip arrives back in Sorrento at approximately 5pm.


Roma one day

Rome excursionTravel to Castellammare, via Piano di Sorrento and Meta.Join motorway at Castellammare and head towards Naples then onto RomeDuring the journey the guide will go through the itinerary for the day and customers have a 20 minute comfort stop. (Total journey time approx. 3½ to 4 hours)Upon arrival in Rome the guide gives a partial guided tour on the coach of the city until they reach the Vatican City, approx. 12.00 noon the coach heads straight for the parking area from where the guide escorts customers on foot to St Peter's Square and gives them their bearings and provides information for those who would like to take the lift and stairs to the top of the Basilica's dome where the views over the Vatican city and Rome are fabulous. Customers then have 3 hours to themselves to go off and explore, the options open to them are to:1. Visit the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel2. Visit the Basilica3. Visit the tombs under the Basilica where past Popes are laid to rest4. Visit the “Cupola” the area at the very top of the Basilica's dome (this involves a ride in the lift followed by 320 claustrophobic steps).5. Browse around the shops and stalls selling books and souvenirs. Lunch break is during the 3 hours free time (packed lunch) Meeting up with the guide after the 3 hours, customers are then taken across the city to the Colosseum. Here they have 1 hour’s free time. Customers rejoin the coach after the visit to the Colosseum for the return journey to Sorrento which includes a comfort stop of approx 45 minutes where guests have the option of having something to eat and spending time off the coach needed after a long day and long coach journey. Return to resort at 22.00 – 23.00 depending on traffic throughout the day.


Salerno & Paestum

Salerno Paestum excursionThis excursion will take us to discover Salerno, the second major city in Campania, considerated the mondial capial of Medicine at the Middle Age, because the Benedictine Monastery was the highest level of education of the time. Is thought, in fact, that the Regimen Sanitatis, one of the most famous medical texts of the time, written in Latin, was translated by the industrious monks in almost all European languages. In Salerno we visit also the Dome, a mix of architectonic styles, from Middle Age to the Baroque. Salerno is also known for its sandy beaches where the Allies landed during the Second World War. The esxcursion will go to Est until Paestum, location famous for one of the biggest archeological site of Italy. In Paestum we will admire the rests of the Greek walls, the temple of Neptune, which was dedicated to Hera and, where we see a huge human footprints on the floor, the Temple of Hera called also Basilic and, the Temple of Athena. In all these architectures is well visible the Greek style print. After visited the archeological site, we will visit the museum of Paestum in which are kept rests from the archeologiacal site. In the museum we can admire the Tomb of the diver, a magnific example of greek art. During the route from Salerno to Paestum we can admire heards of Buffaloes, which milk produce the delicious Mozzarella of Bufala Campana DOP.


Due Golfi Train Tour

Due Golfi excursionFood and wine tour through the hills surrounding Sorrento. Starting from Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, we're going to discover the beautiful sights, scents and flavors that characterize the Sorrento Peninsula. On the way we see the precious altar in Florentine art of the sixteenth century of the Church of SS. Maria delle Grazie in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi. On the hill overlooking the two bays, visit the Desert monastery founded by the Carmelite in the sixteenth century. Shortly after we arrive at the Borgo Annunziata to visit the splendid Villa of Joachim Murat. Return to Sant'Agata, through Termini, where we feel that we can tap Capri with a finger. During the food and wine tours, opportunities to tasting mozzarella, bruschetta bread with olive oil and, ending with a lemon liquer iced. Price includes: By train Tour, food and wine tasting


Excursions and sightseeing from the Amalfi Coast :

Capri and Anacapri

Capri excursionNo holiday on the Amalfi Coast would be complete without a trip to the evocative island of Capri. Whole day tour escorted by guide. Sailing by steamer. On arrival in Capri (Marina Grande) you will reach Anacapri by private coach. Free time for shopping and optional visit to the Villa San Michele of Axel Muthe, a famous Swedish writer, author of "The Story of St. Michael". The Villa built on the remains of Romans ruins, gives the opportunity of an impressive view of the island from its splendid gardens and its beautiful terraces. Optional lunch, then to Capri town. Visit of the famous Piazzetta and walk to the Gardens of Augustus overlooking the famed Faraglioni Rocks and Marina Piccola, passing through the most elegant street of the island with famous boutiques and jeweller's shops. Return to the harbour on time to board the steamer. Optional visit to the Blue Grotto


Pompei and Vesuvio

Whole day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick up from the hotels. Pompei was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and buried by a seven meters thick lay of lapilli and ash. The visit to the ruins will give you the opportunity to see many artifacts well preserved which still now prove the prosperity of this town in the past. After the visit, optional lunch and then excursion to the Vesuvius by bus up to 3.000 feet and on foot to the crater for the visit with local authorized guide. A visit to a cameos and corals factory will take place before the return journey.



Half-day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick up from the hotels. Pompei was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and buried by a seven meters thick lay of lapilli and ash. The visit to the ruins will give you the opportunity to see many artifacts well preserved which still now prove the prosperity of this town in the past. Expected return at 2.00 p.m.



Eeculaneum excursionHalf-day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick-up from the hotels. Herculaneum is well known as a very important archaeological centre for the remains of an ancient Roman town that, as Pompei, was covered by a great stream of lava mixed with mud during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. . What can be admired today, after the excavations, are the remains of a town suggesting the presence of rich inhabitants, thanks to the discovery of bronzes, marble statues and silver objects. Expected return at 2.00 p.m.



Whole day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick up from the hotels. Paestum one of the most famous centres of Magna Graecia, is an archaeological resort of great interest. Vestiges of its ancient splendour are the magnificent doric columns of the Temples dedicated to Neptune and to Ceres, the remains of the Basilica and the town-walls. In the Museum many rare findings and frescoes are very well preserved. Optional lunch. Expected return at 4.30 p.m.



Naples excursionWhole day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick up from the hotels. Naples is a town with remarkable signs of art and culture. It is rich in palaces and monuments, which stand in witness of the splendid past and its panorama is one of the most impressive and fascinating in the world. Let's discover it's charm together! A detailed city-sightseeing will give you the oportunity to go through the heart of the city, to visit the historical centre, to admire its splendid monuments and most evocative sights. Optional lunch. Expected return at 4.00 p.m. Optional visit to the National Archaeological Museum.


Mini Cruise to Emeraldo grotto and Positano

A private motorboat will wait for you at the port of Amalfi for a wonderful minicruise along the coast, discovering the most impressive coastline. Two stops are scheduled during the sailing: the first in the enchanting bay of Conca dei Marini to visit the Emerald Grotto, a fantastic green cavern with stalagmites and stalactites, the second in the picturesque and quiet village of Positano for relaxing and shopping. Expected return at 6.00 p.m.


Sorrento shopping

Whole day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick-up from the hotels. Driving along the Amalfi Drive we will reach Positano and, during a short stop on a panoramic terrace, you will admire a breathtaking scenary. Then to Sorrento, one of the most well known places in the province of Naples. Rich in history and important monuments, extolled by ancient and modern poets, to-day it's swarming with tourists from all countries, owing to its pleasant climate and beautiful landscape. Time at leisure to discover the town, to do shopping and to visit an inlaid woodwork factory. Optional lunch. Expected return at 4.00 p.m.


Sorrento by night

Traditions, folk dancing and the famous songs "O sole mio" and "Torna a Surriento" are magically turned into a musical. A 75 min. performance tells the daily life of southern people in four different scenes. Pick up from the hotel at 7.45 p.m. by private car or minivan with driver. The show starts at 9.30 p.m. and ends at 10.45 p.m.



Ischia excursion

Whole day tour escorted by guide. Sailing by steamer. Ischia is the largest of the island in the bay of Naples, the so called "Green Island" for its luxuriant vegetation. Its volcanic nature makes it unique in the world for the great variety of thermal springs. On arrival on Ischia Porto, tour of the island (2 hours duration) by private bus through Ischia Porto, Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Barano, Serrara Fontana. Optional lunch and free time until the departure for the return journey.




Whole day tour escorted by guide and by de-luxe motorcoach. Pick-up from the hotels. Rome, the Eternal City, is one of the greatest capital cities in the world and the centre of Worl Catholicism. Rome is a cosmopolitan and enchanting city; all the monuments and buildings are a costant reminder of the glorious past of the Roman empire. During a detailed city-sightseeing you can admire its famous monuments: St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, the Forum, the Trevi Fountain, St. Angel's Castle. Time at leisure. In the late afternoon departure to Cassino with a stop for dinner in a restaurant. Expected return at 10.30 p.m.


Amalfi walking tour

Amalfi excursion


Let's discover together the beauties of Amalfi by a guided itinerary of history, art, culture and traditions. Not only the famous monuments (the Cathedral and the Cloister of Paradise, the Civic Museum and the ancient Arsenals), but also the charm of its characteristic streets and the originality of its handicraft and its typical products.



Easy trekking & walks

Amalfi trekkingThe three itineraries are interesting and impressive and they help you to explore the sorroundings of Amalfi. They are proposed in a synthetic way in order to stir up interest in all those who wish to explore and discover. The pathways are suitable to everybody, with a low/medium level of difficulty. The departure time is at 9.00 a.m. (any day on request). The meeting point with the escorts is in Amalfi at the Lover's Fountain (Bus Terminal). Reservation is necessary. Price depending on the number of participants. Valle delle Ferriere Away from the traffic along a peaceful scenery! From Valle dei Mulini, with its ancient paper-mills, to the paths of Monti Lattari. The "Valle delle Ferriere" Natural Reserve is an extraordinary oasis to discover: the river Canneto, the presence of falls and springs, the particular vegetation with some rare Pantropical ferns, the mountains. A magic atmosphere to experience an enchanting natural heritage! Route: 3 hours Pontone and Torre dello Ziro Through luxuriant terraced lemon gardens and steep slopes, the medieval village of Pontone waits for you to show its wonderful position, its gentilitial mansions, its bell-towers. From the magnificent park of Monte Aureo through a thick labyrinth of pine-trees, the Torre dello Ziro and the belvedere offer a marvellous view over Amalfi, Atrani and the Coast. A kaleidoscope of sceneries really exciting and unimaginable! Route: 4 hours Amalfi from the top to Atrani Through characteristic lanes to enjoy from the ancient Monastery San Lorenzo del Piano a breath-taking view of Amalfi and its coast-line. And then, down to the sea, to Atrani, a small natural crib, historical residence of the Doges. Discovering medieval walls, churches and nunneries through narrow streets, courts, terraces and steps. To reach, at the end of the walk, the pretty main square. Route: 3 hours


Lemon Tour

Lemon excursionIn Amalfi, the pleasure of taking a relaxing walk in the enchanting Mill’s Valley is not to be missed! To feel a deep emotion, come with us to discover the treasures of our countryside! The guided visit to the terraces of lemon groves to the small “Rural Culture, Arts and Trades Museum”- and to a factory where the fruit is processed and a free tasting of all products is offered, will give you the opportunity to spend two hours in contact with the pure nature and to know more about the production of our delicious citrus fruits. The lemons belong to the history and to landscape of the Amalfi Coast!




Entrance-fees are not included in the excursions’ prices. The payment of the admittance ticket to the State Monuments, Museums, Galleries and Archaeological Excavations (marked with *) is fixed by a special regulation, according to the country of origin of the visitors. European citizens - under 18 or over 65 years - have free entrance and a ticket-price reduction is granted to visitors aged between 18 and 25 years. The entitled party must show passport or identity card at the entrance to the monuments. The not entitled party will pay the amount of the admittance ticket to the guide.

Entrance fees

CAPRI Villa S. Michele + Augusto garden € 7,00 - POMPEI* Ruins € 11,00 - VESUVIO Crater € 8,00 - ERCOLANO* Ruins € 11,00 - PAESTUM* Museum + Temples € 10,00 - NAPOLI* National Museum € 6,50 - ROMA* Colosseum € 11,00 - AMALFI Emerald Grotto € 5,00 - AMALFI Cloister € 3,00 - RAVELLO Villa Rufolo € 5,00


Per person Shuttle service to/from Amalfi RT : Maiori - Minori € 7,00 Ravello - Scala € 9,00 Praiano € 10,00 Positano € 12,00


Booking is required for all excursions. Excursions will operated when a minimum participation of 15 persons has been achieved. The client will be fully refunded on excursion cancelled 24 hours before departure. Full amount has to be paid for cancellations notified less than 24 hours prior departure or on the same day of departure. The programmes can be modified owing to a cause beyond control. The liability of the organizing agency cannot exceed the limits provided by the Act N° 1084 dated 27/12/1977 and N° 111 dated 17/03/1995 which regulate the organization of the excursions. The organizing agency declines liability for any additional expenses owing to delays, strikes, insurrections, natural calamities and provisions of the law. The Italian law will be applied to the present rules through the jurisdiction of the Court of Salerno.