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Vietri sul Mare ("Vietri on the Sea") is a town and comune in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is a popular tourist destination because it is a convenient place to start the Amalfi Coast drive. It is the last or first town on the Amalfi Coast and inhabitants like to call it “The First Pearl of the Amalfi,” claiming that the Amalfi Coast begins at Vietri, which is just west of Salerno. Vietri is the origin of dishes, flowerpots, vases and tiles found in restaurants, hotels and homes throughout the Amalfi area.

The town is bordered by Cava de' Tirreni, Cetara, Maiori and Salerno. The quarter by the sea, named Marina di Vietri is located to the south of the town. The village and frazione of Raito is close to the town. The other frazioni are Albori, Benincasa, Dragonea (including the localities of Iaconti and San Vincenzo) and Molina. Vietri sul Mare is the first of the 13 pearls of the Amalfi Coast, set in the most protected location of the homonymous gulf, at the foot of Monte San Liberatore and dominates the valley of the Bonea river. Temperature in the coldest month, January is about +10.4 °C; whereas during the summer, July and August the average temperature is about +26.4 °C.

Useful Information:
Monasteries and churches covered with vivid coluoured majolicas are the main characteristic of this splendid landscape.
There are many pathways around Vietri, explorers can choose to walk through paths that run into the village ending towards the mountains, perfect destinations for trekking and nature lovers, or by boat, exploring the sea along the coast between creeks and caves in order to enjoy unique landscapes.
During summer, many cultural events are organized: Literature prizes, film festivals and many concerts that attract people from surrounding coastal villages. There are plenty of festas and religious events that fill the Summer nights, becoming important moments in order to present the tourist the local artisan products.
Glass and ceramics are the most valuable productions of this area, as well as many gastronomic products like: olive oil, vines and dairy products.
At present Vetri's products are sold in wonderful shops all around the world, representing a symbol of high class, elegance, taste and also an excellent example of Made in Italy.

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