Sant'Agata sui due Golfi (over the two gulfs) is located a short distance from the SS145 and is the first village you will encounter if you stay on the main road after Sorrento towards Positano.
This town is built on a mountain ridge and, due to the position, Sant'Agata has a view over the two bays, Amalfi Coast and Neapolitan Riviera, as the town's name suggests. About 10km (6 miles) south of Sorrento, 14km (9 miles) west of Positano and only (4 miles) from the beach of Marina del Cantone.
Sant'Agata makes a perfect base for exploring the surrounded area.
Like every center of the Sorrentine peninsula, S.Agata sui due Golfi also has great gastronomical and wine traditions, with many local restaurants and one that has won 3 Michelin stars.

Nature and Surroundings:

From the center of town, you can take a road toward Deserto, a spectacular place with a long history of human habitation - it was a Carmelite hermitage, which then became a convent. At an altitude of 456m (1,496 ft), it affords a famous circular panorama over the two coasts stretching all the way from Ischia to Punta Licosa (South Paestum).
Only few minutes away, from Sant'Agata center, there is Torca village, at 352m (1,155 ft) above sea level, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over Li Galli, Positano's small archipelago. You can also take a great hike down to the Fiordo of Crapolla and its beach.
From the village of Torca take Via Pedara, which will eventually turn into a dirt path. The trial descends a steep slope among olive groves and old farmhous, and then among the rocks of a narrow crack in the cliff. As you descend on the western side of the cliff, you will see the ruins of the 12th century abbey San Pietro. Once at the bottom, you can access a small beach, where the ancient town of Capreolae (today Crapolla) was built, the ruins of a pratrician Roma villa can still be seen here.
About 30 minutes for the descent.


Premio “Salvatore Di Giacomo” is a prestigious prize bestowed on famous personalities of art and culture. It takes place in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi during the first week of September. You will be able to attend excellent music concerts, poetry, exhibitions and guided excursions

Useful Information:
Sant'Agata is also renowned for the goodness of local food: the territory is rich in lemon groves, a particular type of lemon called "femminello ovale" is cultivated for its particularly aromatic peel which is used in various ways in local cuisine. A traditional school of cuisine originates from Sant'Agata sui due Golfi, thanks to the denser population and a substantial tourist element with the development of vacation houses, hotels and restaurants.

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