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Cetara is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. It is located in the territory of the Amalfi Coast.

The village was originally a settlement for a group of armed Muslims in 880. Characterized to be a village of fishermans (especially of tuna), its name take origins probably from the Latin word Cetaria (in Greek Ketèia), meaning almadraba (in Italian tonnara); or cetari, meaning fishmongers of big fishes.

Cetara is located by the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the Amalfi Drive road between the "Marina" of Albori and Erchie, bordering with the municipalities of Vietri sul Mare and Maiori. Its municipalities is extended from the coast to the Mount Falerio and counts only one civil parish (frazione): the little village of Fuenti, situated on the hills close to the Amalfi Drive.

Useful Information:
Walking in the little streets, following an immaginary path that bring you to the mountains, it is possible to see the gardens and the coloured backyards full of amazing plants and trees and obviously the washing on the line in the sun, but the most important things are the flavors of the meals prepared by Cetara's women. The smells of: tomato, fresh basil, anchovies with mint are astonishing, many times these aromas seem to call us inside the houses asking for hospitality, this could be a good idea because the population is so friendly.
The Vicereale Tower is an an Angioina tower, perfectly preserved overlooking Cetara's beach. Like all the other coastal towers, it had the goal of look out in order to prevent the city from pirates attacks and defend the integrity of the suburb from the dangers coming from the sea side and also to help the sea trade. The tower was part of a brilliant defensive plan built to control the littoral and the entire zone.
The main event in Cetara is on the 29th of June the Feast of Saint Pietro Apostolo, the patron Saint of the village and protector of fishermen - inhabitants of Cetara wait for this major religious event all year long, In this occasion all the residents that live outside Cetara take this opportunity to come back to their roots in order to join their relatives on day long festivities which include processions both at sea and land as well as firewors.

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