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Scala, is the oldest inhabited settlement on the Amalfi Coast, it remains unspoiled like it was centuries ago.
In later years it became the place where the aristocracy of the Republic chose to live, sharing all its successes and defeats. The nobles here benefited from flourishing trade with the Orient, and suffered the invasions by the Pisans in 1135 and 1137 and Roberto Guiscardo in 1703. Towards the end of the 13th century a 'noble roll' of the most powerful families of the area was established here in Scala.

Built in the heart of the Lattari Mountains, Scala enjoys the benefits of both hill and mountain. It overlooks two winding valleys, Ravello on one side, Amalfi and Atrani on the other, with a backdrop of the crystal blue sea. Characteristic pathways and steps lead to seemingly endless chestnut and lemon groves, through unspoilt valleys and countryside where rare botanical specimens can be found.
In the natural Reserve of the Valley of the Mills, the Woodwardia Radicans, unique in the whole of Europe has found a safe place to flourish. Furthermore, during the many walks through this marvellous scenery, tourists can visit churches, monuments, towers and castles, still bearing traces of their origins, in portals, balconies or fountains. Even the irrigation system used for the lemon groves bears witness to the historic and cultural developments in the area.

To visit

Duomo Di San Lorenzo in the picturesque main square of Scala was built around XII century

Sant'Annunziata church situated in Minuta hamlet of Scala, build at the end XI century.

Can not miss Pontone chamlet a picturesque village set above Amalfi with a unique view of the coast.

From Scala there are several Walks itinerary to Amalfi, Atrani and Ravello.


Scala meets New York : From 11th August to 11th September.

Useful Information:
The Chestnut Festival is held during October, in the splendid little Amalfi Coast village of Scala, a moment that links tradition and present like gastronomy and willing of joy. The tradition is old, the festival runs since 35 years and the target is to give value to the local amazing products. The event tries to promote tourism in Scala during the Autumn and Winter seasons.
For those who have never been to Scala, it will be impossible to miss the "Palio delle Contrade", an ancient tradition where 6 teams of the village challenge each other in classic games of the tradition like: "strummolo", "cerchio", "trocinello", the donkey race and the tug of war.
It's possible to taste the delicious meals during the events and also Kings or emperors or everybody that passes by will be glad to join a table full of delicious meals watching these very particular challenges.

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