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Maiori (Neapolitan, Majure; originally Reghinna Maior) is a town and comune on the Amalfi coast in the province of Salerno (Campania, Italy). It has been a popular tourist resort since Roman times, with the longest unbroken stretch of beach on the Amalfi coastline.

The origins of the town are unclear but the original name of the town was Reghinna Maior, in contrast to the neighbouring town, Minori, Reghinna Minor. All places along the coast were formed by alternating conquerors - such as the Etruscans or the Romans.
Between 830 and 840, the places of the coast united to form a confederation of Amalfi States. In this Amalfi Sea Republic, the places between Lettere and Tramonti and between Cetara and Positano, along with the island of Capri, were united; and their inhabitants were all called Amalfitaner. At that time, each city retained its own name and administrative autonomy, but had a specific role in this federation.
Later it became part of the Principality of Salerno, and then of the Kingdom of Naples, of which it followed the history until the 19th century.

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare. The colourful maiolica tiled dome looks like Maiori's crown, whose jewels are treasured inside the Sacred Art Museum just next to the Church.
Santa Maria de Olearia in Maiori. The ruins of the XI Benedictine Abbey just above Maiori, is a great way to enjoy the most ancient part of town.
Falerzio Mount and Avvocata Church. The highest peak of the Amalfi Coast and the Sanctuary on the plain above Mount Mirteto. Castel San Nicola, a 9th century fortress and remains of a castle. The friendly proprietor, Crescenzo, will take you on a a tour of this unique place, explaining its history and showing you its panoramic views. Note: there are more than 300 steps to climb once the car is parked..

Useful Information:
Easily manageable on foot, Maiori has two main streets other than the residential areas. The Lungomare runs along the sea, and the Corso Regina, runs perpendicular to the sea. Both have shops, but the Corso Regina is more of the shopping area, and the Lungomare is more of the restaurant and bar area. In the early evenings the promenade is filled with people for the passeggiata, locals and tourists alike, enjoying the postcard-like view. Families are walking with babies in strollers young people are walking arm in arm eating gelato, and elderly men and women are walking slowly and talking with each other.
Maior is on the bus route to Amalfi and Salerno, and the buses run very frequently in both directions. If you want to go to Positano or Sorrento, you must take the bus to Amalfi, 6 km away, and from there take another bus to your final destination.
The beach is right in front of the town, as well as the Maiori marina, where you can take a boat to Capri, Positano, Amalfi and other places along the Amalfi Coast. Private boats motor in and out of the same marina and some are also available for rent. Although the beach is rocky and you need shoes to walk on it, the water is beautiful with shades of turquoise and green, and very relaxing.

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